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  • What is a Meet-n-greet?
    This is where we all get to meet to go over needs. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions and most importantly, where your pet and I can get to know one another to make sure it's a good fit.
  • What should I expect prior to our meet-n-greet?
    I will send out an invitation code to our online system "Precise Pet Care". From there you will create an account and add the information requested. This give us both the opportunity to know what to expect prior to our meeting. If there are any red flags for either of us, we can discuss prior to our meet-n-greet. This also helps the meet-n-greet go by more smoothly and gives me more time with your pet.
  • How to get started?
    Call, email or submit a form on contact page.
  • Do you accept last minute appointments?
    If my schedule allows I will accept last minute appointments. Please note, if you are a new client requesting an appointment a meet-n-greet is still required before appointment can be booked.
  • What animals do you work with?
    Typically Cats and Dogs. We are also open to any other furry or feathered animals.
  • Will I have the same pet sitter?
    Yes, unless of course there is an emergency.
  • What if my pet needs meds, do you do that?
    We will do transdermal creams, pill or liquid medications. We do not do injections.
  • What payments do you accept and when is it due?
    We accept Zelle, cash, check (once you become an established client) and all major credit cards (2.9 service fee applies). All payments are due at time of service until you become an established client. An established client is someone who has used us at least 3 times.
  • Do you require or expect tips?
    Absolutely not. Our online system will ask if you want to leave a tip, but feel free to bypass with no judgement from us. If you would like to tip, please know that they are greatly appreciated.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We do not, we like to treat everyone fairly. We do however offer a $20.00 credit for each referral sent to us as a "Thank You".
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