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Services and prices

 Services and Prices

Contact to schedule your free meet-n-greet

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Drop-In Visit

Your pets will enjoy the comfort of their own home while being cared for by a professional animal lover. We will cater to your pet's needs and make sure they are loved and happy.
Visits may include: Feed & fresh water, potty breaks which may include short walk, litter box scoop, pet accident clean up, playtime, photos & updatesoral & topical medications and lots of love.
We also offer complimentary services like mail and package retrieval, trash/recycling bin take out/bring in, etc.
The rates below include up to 2 pets in your household.
 $5 charge
for each additional pet.

Rapid Visit 15 Min ~ $20 
Brief Visit 30 Min ~ $25
Enduring Visit 45 Min ~ $30
Extended Visit 1 hour ~ $35

Dog Walks

 Your pup will enjoy the outdoors and fresh air in your neighborhood, park or nearby trail. We will make sure your pup gets lots of exercise and mental stimulation, that way you can relax when you get home.
 Walks may include: Feed & fresh water, pet accident clean up, oral and topical medications, waste bags, reinforce known commands, photos & updates, lots of love and sniffs.
The rates below include up to 2 pups in your household.
 $5 charge for each additional pup.
~ Schedule weekly dog walks and receive 5% off ~

Rapid Walk 15 Min ~ $23 
Brief Walk 30 Min ~ $28
Enduring Walk 45 Min ~ $33
Extended Walk 1 hour ~ $38


Overnight Stays

Your pets will enjoy sleeping in the comfort of their own home. We will stick to your routines and make sure your pets have a good night's rest. Overnights are from 8pm to 6am and include a 30-min visit.
Overnights may include: Feed & fresh water, potty breaks, short walk, litter box scoop, pet accident clean up, playtime, photos & updates, oral or topical medications, love and lots of rest.
The rates below include up to 3 pets in your household.
 $10 charge for each additional pet.

Overnight Stay ~ $105

* Additional pet charges are determined on case by case basis and may or may not apply.
Please contact for more info.

*All pets are different, that is why pet care can be tailored to you and your pet's needs.
Contact to create a pet care plan.


Chazz drop-in visit

Ready to schedule or have questions?

Important info:

~ A meet-n-greet is required to ensure we are a good fit and the best choice for you and your pets.

~ Forms will need to be completed online through the portal or via docusign prior to meet-n-greet. 

~ We do not charge extra for small animals (birds, fish, hamsters, etc) in home, unless lots of care is needed.

~ Visit hours are normally from 7am-8pm daily. 

~ Before and After hours available for additional $5 per visit

~ We do not charge extra for holidays or weekends.

~ We accept last minute appointments, if we are available for no extra charge.

~ If you prefer for us to pick up and/or drop off your key there is a $10 per trip fee. 

~  We do not service aggressive pets or use prong or shock collars.

~  We walk in all weather conditions as long as it's safe and your pet is comfortable.

~ If you prefer your pup walk with a buddy to socialize, please let us know.

~ We do not provide boarding, doggy daycare or dog training.

Prices subject to change at any time.

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